BBVA Data & Analytics Awarded by The Banker Technology Projects of the Year Award

Fco. Javier López Peñalver and Jordi Nin

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Interview with Francisco Javier López Peñalver and Jordi Nin   Jordi Nin — Data Scientist at BBVA Data & Analytics Jordi holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, with over 75 research publications in journals, conferences and book chapters. He was granted with the Outstanding Ph.D. Award of the UAB computer science department. Jordi’s thesis was devoted to use several machine …


Understanding economic redistribution with credit card payments

Jose Javier Ramasco

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Background Cities contain neighborhoods that perform economically better than others. But in some cases the differences are extreme, as it happens in Rio the Janeiro where the average income of rich neighborhoods like Copacabana and Ipanema can be up to 100% higher than in the favelas, as stated by the United Nations. Inequality is a common issue for many cities …


Big Data: “Volume is not the problem but the generation of value in an environment with such diversity”

Jon Ander Beracoechea

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Jon Ander Beracoechea — Co-CEO at BBVA Data & Analytics Jon holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and has published multiple papers in the field of adaptive signal processing. He has been applying advanced analytics and machine learning techniques in the banking industry for 9 years in áreas such as CCAR stress testing (Moody’s) or derivatives pricing (Banco Santander). This …


7 Challenges for the Global Digital Economy

Antonio Moneo

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The digital global economy will continue to expand and diversify in 2017. New technologies, customer with new habits and global threats will open opportunities and threats for businesses in different sectors. This article summarizes some of them. New technologies In the next couple of years, Blockchain technologies will consolidate and be applied to different and innovative uses increasing transparency and …


Reinforcement Learning for Pricing Strategy Optimization

Elena Krasheninnikova

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Flipping a pancake is a complex move that humans need to learn through experimentation and repetition. So, how could a robot learn to flip a pancake? Let’s imagine that there is an robotized armed capable of performing the same moves as a human arm. The hand is holding a frying pan, and the dough is cooked and has the shape …


Creating Value from Geolocated Financial Data

Beatriz Alonso

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Recently, took place Carto Locations 2017, an immersive 2-day summit on the latest industry developments, innovation and insights in the world of location intelligence. Along with other leading business professionals and industry experts Elena Alfaro gave an overview of our activities in the fields of analytics, data visualization, geospatial analysis, and data science participated. She particularly explained how we are …


How to Improve Customer Service Using Text Analytics?

César de Pablo Sánchez, Yesenia González and Claudia Carrera

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This article is a brief summary of three presentations given at the monthly Data Meetup organized by BBVA Data & Analytics. What happens when a comment is sent through a BBVA website, mobile application or email? Every day, BBVA receives thousands of emails from customers who want to ask questions or express their opinions about the quality of the services …


Urban Analytics to Measure the Economic Impact of Traffic Calming

Juan Murillo, Heribert Valero and Juan de Dios Romero

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Cities are physical hardware that withstand overlapped dynamics, resulting into very complex systems. Any change in one of its boundary conditions produces positive and negative effects. Traditionally, urbanists have tried to measure those effects -mainly through surveys- in order to get information whether the management decisions were producing the desired results. Digitization has brought two major innovations for city managers: …


Our Digital Transformation Under the Scrutiny of MIT CISR

Beatriz Alonso

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Recently, we have had the pleasure of having Barbara Wixom at our Madrid office. Barbara is a Principal Research Scientist at MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) investigating data monetization. She has been studying us a one of the pioneers in the field and for our role in transforming BBVA. In her talk, she highlighted our efforts to …

4YFN 2016 - Day 2 - Image ©Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media

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See the Future to Innovate in the Present

Josep Amoros

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4YFN stands for “4 Years From Now” and it is the sister event to the Mobile World Congress  that takes place in Barcelona every year. Unlike its older brother, targeted to the audience of large technological corporations, 4YFN promotes startups and entrepreneurs who try to figure out the new business models called to disrupt the status quo. It is remarkable …