Call for Participants: Data Challenge in Financial Macro-modeling

Jairo Mejía


As data scientists we love participating in various initiatives outside the scope of our daily jobs. This gives us the chance to learn new things that are not directly related to our field of expertise and take a fresh look into complex analytical problems. At the same time, these kinds of experiences allow us to collaborate with colleagues who normally …

More women and diversity in technology

Ana Pombo and Sefora Garcia


To celebrate International Women’s Day, we organized and participated in debates regarding the importance of adding more diversity to technology and Data Science teams, as well addressing challenges for women in the labor market. We invited the co-founder of Mujeres Tech, Cristina Aranda, to talk about the challenges facing women in science and technology. One of the recurrent issues in …

The best events for a traveling data scientist

Jairo Mejía, Joan Llop and Sefora Garcia


We get it! You love gatherings where the best data science and advanced analytic knowledge is shared. The research papers, the workshops, the posters, the keynote speakers, and the applied use cases are a great way of getting fresh perspectives and ideas. We also know that you love the chance to enjoy the best cities where these events are organized. …

The #10yearchallenge of Data Science

Jairo Mejía and Santiago Basaldúa

D&A Recap

Ten years ago the term “Data Science” was only 7% of what it is today in Google Trends. It was almost non-existent in the news, and only timidly gaining ground in the corporate narrative. One has to go back to 2010 to see a first comprehensive definition of the nascent discipline of data science in the media. The Economist ran …

A few Recommendations for a Data Scientist who wants to get started in Recommender Systems

Juan Arévalo

Data Processing

As a Data Scientist, you are expected to be able to build all sort of data products, that may involve simple-yet highly valuable business trends extracted through data querying and cleansing; and sometimes, more sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms for prediction, classification, or even recommendation. However, the cold start in a specific topic may be tough for Data Scientists, especially for …

The most important developments in data science of 2018

Jairo Mejía

D&A Recap

The year 2018 has been one of the most important years in terms of breakthroughs in Machine Learning technologies. It has also been important vis à vis the debate on how to move forward beyond pure optimization, into a more advanced discipline of Data Science and real applied Artificial Intelligence. Ranging from a realization of the challenges of the industrialization …

The Best Online Courses for Data Scientists

Jairo Mejía and Joan Llop


The Data Scientist profile is one of the most demanded profiles in the labor market. At the same time, the Data Science toolset is becoming more diverse and the skills demanded are broader. Luckily, for those trying to take the first steps into Data Science or mastering techniques, there are many excellent online courses. After publishing a list of recommended …

Bayesian Deep Learning meets Google Cloud for a better forecasting engine at BBVA

Jairo Mejía

Data Processing, News&References

BBVA Data & Analytics have just published a white paper in partnership with Google Cloud that showcases an end-to-end solution to deploy to production a Deep Learning model for time series forecasting. The model incorporates uncertainty of the predictions, which, we believe will have a powerful impact on improving the customer experience of products such as BBVA’s expected expense tracker …

How Data-Driven Initiatives can Save Young Lives

Jairo Mejía and Joan Llop

Data Stories

In one of the largest cities on the planet, a lot of things happen every day. Mexico City is one of the largest megalopolis in the world, and where adequate sensorization could make it an ideal laboratory for the use of data for the good of its citizens. Furthermore, the city could encourage public participation in data-driven initiatives. One such …