Fairness by Design in Machine Learning is Going Mainstream

Jairo Mejía and Roberto Maestre

d&a blog

The consideration of fairness in the development of machine learning-based solutions is gaining traction as a key aspect of artificial intelligence and modelling of social behaviours. This week the Harvard Business Review published a story authored by the leading forces behind a health analytics project that is using Deep Learning to detect people who are at risk of cardiovascular disease. The …

Research and Innovation: What the Future Looks Like for the EU

Marco Creatura, Joan Llop and Jairo Mejía

d&a blog

What are the technologies that will shape the future of the European Union? Who are the players involved in the creation of these upcoming innovations? In an attempt to answer these questions, we have analyzed several open data sources from the European Commission to identify the strategic priorities for the future beyond 2020. Leading the race are Nuclear fusion, graphene, supercomputing, autonomous …

Finding a Common Vision: Design Fiction to Establish a Dialogue among Business, Data Science and Design in Finance

César de Pablo Sánchez and Israel Viadest

d&a blog

We have previously talked about design fiction at BBVA D&A and how it has aligned and eliminated boundaries between data science teams and their stakeholders. We have also seen the potential of advanced analytics when applied to product development in finance. The latter is a must-do in order to foster an effective exploration of data scientists and designers during product development …

The Best Data Science Masters (in Spain and online) to Consider this Summer

Maria Hernandez, Beatriz Alonso and Jairo Mejía

d&a blog

If you are an IT person you know that being updated is part of your daily work and that you have to be up to date with new technologies, lines of development or analytical techniques that are constantly emerging. Summer is coming and many of us are planning a training programme for the following academic year. The offer is very …

Lifting the Secrecy of Algorithms with Interpretability

Jairo Mejía and Irene Unceta

d&a blog

As Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning rapidly infiltrate critical areas of society, the lack of transparency surrounding these processes is becoming a tangible concern for the scientific community, the public authorities and the society at large. From financial and insurance markets to medicine, citizen security or the criminal justice system, the tendency has prevailed in recent years to devolve decision …

An International Football Story: How to Analyze a Collective Game; Individually

Leonardo Baldassini, Iskra Velitchkova, Jairo Mejía and Beatriz Alonso

d&a blog

Many considerations play a role in the long and winding road to international football history. A single player -the cunning Maradona, the energetic Pelé, or the elegant Johan Cruyff- can change the football fate of an entire country; a single mistake can also bring a very well groomed squad to its knees against all odds -North Korea beat Italy in …

One Click Closer to an AI-powered Account Manager

Jairo Mejía

d&a blog

While brewing the morning coffee, jogging along the river, or right before stepping in your car. You can now complete a transfer or payment, or manage your account’s health without losing sight of your routine, or filling out the tedious list of numbers of a transaction form. BBVA Data & Analytics has developed a new engine for BBVA Bancomer in …

Bringing the Artificial Intelligence to its True Potential

Juan Murillo

d&a blog

Since 1953, when the term Artificial Intelligence was coined by John McCarthy in a conference at Dartmouth University we have achieved unthinkable highs: we have taught machines to see, to recognize images or text. We have taught them to read, to listen, speak, or translate. And still they are not even close to having full human-capacities; they don’t comprehend, they …

Ethical Implications of Personal Data Usage from Corporations

Beatriz Alonso

d&a blog

Just two months ago, Facebook’s CTO Mike Schroepfer acknowledged in a statement that “the data of more than 87 million people could have been shared inappropriately with Cambridge Analytica.” Cambridge Analytica abused the possibilities offered by the social platform creating personality profiles based on that data stolen from the platform. This data was allegedly used to influence the outcome of …

Eurovision 2018. Just Another Excuse to Demonstrate the Value of Data

Jairo Mejía, Iskra Velitchkova and Beatriz Alonso

d&a blog, dataviz

Data is getting more and more specific, with deeper dimension, greater levels of richness from which individuals or organizations can draw insights. Data is especially granular and structure when it affects the core operations of business, governments or other organizations. Surprisingly, this also stands true for events that have gathered the attention and passion of fans from all over the …