Diversity and inclusion as a policy decision

Joan Llop, Marina Arruabarrena, Víctor Rodríguez and Clara Higuera

d&a blog

In the science and technology sector we see an undeniable reality: there is still a shortage of women to balance the gender gap. This is an objective and, in the vast majority of companies in the sector, a fact that can be mesured. Even though at BBVA Data & Analytics we have a clear commitment to diversity and inclusion, it …

A random search at NeurIPS 2019

Pablo de Jesús Campos Viana

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Last December we had the opportunity to attend the 33rd edition of NeurIPS, one of the most prestigious machine learning conferences in the world. The conference was held in Vancouver, Canada from December 8-14, and was organized with tutorials, workshops, demos, presentations and poster sessions. In this article we summarize some relevant aspects of the event. Some numbers With approximately …

What we saw in Graph Analytics in 2019

Rafael Hernández, Jose Antonio Rodriguez Serrano, Santiago Basaldúa, David Muelas and Daniel Sánchez

d&a blog

As we announced in this post, the Graph Analytics Team at the AI Factory delivers graph data assets and creates an internal software library to facilitate the use of graph algorithms at BBVA. This article aims to summarize what we saw and the progress made in Graph Analytics during 2019. It can be considered as a collection of resources and …

Text categorization and tag suggestion in a single model

Pau Batlle

d&a blog

In this post, I would like to explain the topic of my work during the 2018 Internship, continuing the research I did in 2017 and explained in another post. The problem we try to solve is the joint classification and tag prediction for short texts. Tag prediction and classification This machine learning problem arises in practical applications such as categorizing …

An AI Factory team releases internal software to analyze relations

Santiago Basaldúa

d&a blog

A 283 year old field of mathematics founded by Leonhard Euler with his “Seven Bridges of Königsberg” problem is changing the way we tackle customer analytics at BBVA. Rather than studying clients, corporations, managers, products or ATMs as static objects with standard attributes or “labels” such as those emerging from traditional customer segmentation, this field, called Graph Theory, focuses on …

What we saw (and what we showed) at KDD 2019

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Serrano and Axel Brando

d&a blog

One of our first and most successful applications of machine learning to a retail financial tool included in the BBVA app is that which allows customers to know a forecast of recurring expenses and incomes for next month. Knowing what day you will receive the car insurance charge or a recurring transfer -and its amount- is key to manage your …

Agent-based default propagation: adding politics to default propagation in the economy

Jordi Nin and Elena Tomas Herruzo

d&a blog

Default propagation cannot be understood by simply looking at supplier-customer relations as a set of static nodes and edges. The politics of these relations and the information on the current environment play an important role in how a crisis will spread in the economic system. A group of data scientists at BBVA has analyzed that matter in a paper that …

Accelerating Data Science Workflows

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Serrano and César de Pablo Sánchez

d&a blog

There are many possible answers to the question “What does a Data Scientist Do?”. But a short one that we especially like is: “Use data to help reduce inefficiencies in products, services or processes”. So we see retail companies employing Data Scientists to try to make shipments more efficient, while in banking we use it to predict the next likely …

Talking about inequality with Esteban Moro

Joan Llop and Sefora Garcia

d&a blog

On April 10 we had the opportunity to learn about “The Atlas of Inequality“ project, which has been developed by the Human Dynamics group of the MIT Media Lab in collaboration with the Mathematics Department from the Universidad Carlos III, based in Madrid (UC3M). One of the main researchers of this project is Esteban Moro, associate lecturer at UC3M and …

Call for Participants: Data Challenge in Financial Macro-modeling

Jairo Mejía

Challenges, d&a blog

As data scientists we love participating in various initiatives outside the scope of our daily jobs. This gives us the chance to learn new things that are not directly related to our field of expertise and take a fresh look into complex analytical problems. At the same time, these kinds of experiences allow us to collaborate with colleagues who normally …