Improving Customer Experience with Forecasting Models

Mauricio Ciprian

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Direct debit and credit cards have made the lives of many easier. They have allowed us to save time and headaches, and helped us finance goods that exceed our monthly purchasing power. Sometimes, they have also created situations when an unforeseen payments came through in an unexpected moment with a low balance the missing payment involves a penalty. To solve …

What we saw at RecSys 2017 Conference

Marco Creatura

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RecSys, which took place in Como last 27th August 2017, is one of the largest academic conferences on Recommender Systems (RecSys) and has reached this year its eleventh edition with an all time record of attendees (627), proving the rising importance of Recommender Systems in the current digital agenda. At BBVA Data & Analytics, we believe that Recommender Systems can …

Learning from Cardiac Arrhythmias to Improve Customer Satisfaction — Working with Imbalanced Data

Felipe Alonso-Atienza

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Background Customer satisfaction is a complex indicator. It can change after every interaction, can be influenced by external factors, and can lead to multiple outcomes. Cumulative dissatisfaction can lead the customer to terminate the relationship with the service provider and yet, it is difficult to measure with traditional methods like customer satisfaction surveys. Machine Learning algorithms offer today the possibility …

Our Reading List about Machine Learning for Designers

Fabien Girardin and Alejandro Vidal

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At BBVA Data & Analytics, we continuously collaborate with design teams at BBVA to create user experiences that rely on machine learning techniques (e.g. predictive models, recommender systems). We documented that interdisciplinary practice in Experience Design in the Machine Learning Era that then led to a contribution in collaboration with Neal Lathia from Skyscanner at the AAAI 2017 Spring Symposia …

Cleansing and Exploratory Data Analysis with Apache Spark and Optimus

Favio Andre Vazquez Prieto

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Outdated, inaccurate, or duplicated data won’t drive optimal data driven solutions. When data is inaccurate, leads are harder to track and nurture, and insights may be flawed. The data on which you base your big data strategy must be accurate, up-to-date, as complete as possible, and should not contain duplicate entries. Clean data results in better decisions. Cleaning data is …

BBVA Data & Analytics Awarded by The Banker Technology Projects of the Year Award

Fco. Javier López Peñalver and Jordi Nin

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Interview with Francisco Javier López Peñalver and Jordi Nin   Jordi Nin — Data Scientist at BBVA Data & Analytics Jordi holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, with over 75 research publications in journals, conferences and book chapters. He was granted with the Outstanding Ph.D. Award of the UAB computer science department. Jordi’s thesis was devoted to use several machine …

Understanding economic redistribution with credit card payments

Jose Javier Ramasco

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Background Cities contain neighborhoods that perform economically better than others. But in some cases the differences are extreme, as it happens in Rio the Janeiro where the average income of rich neighborhoods like Copacabana and Ipanema can be up to 100% higher than in the favelas, as stated by the United Nations. Inequality is a common issue for many cities …

Big Data: “Volume is not the problem but the generation of value in an environment with such diversity”

Jon Ander Beracoechea

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Jon Ander Beracoechea — Co-CEO at BBVA Data & Analytics Jon holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and has published multiple papers in the field of adaptive signal processing. He has been applying advanced analytics and machine learning techniques in the banking industry for 9 years in áreas such as CCAR stress testing (Moody’s) or derivatives pricing (Banco Santander). This …

7 Challenges for the Global Digital Economy

Antonio Moneo

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The digital global economy will continue to expand and diversify in 2017. New technologies, customer with new habits and global threats will open opportunities and threats for businesses in different sectors. This article summarizes some of them. New technologies In the next couple of years, Blockchain technologies will consolidate and be applied to different and innovative uses increasing transparency and …

Reinforcement Learning for Pricing Strategy Optimization

Elena Krasheninnikova

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Flipping a pancake is a complex move that humans need to learn through experimentation and repetition. So, how could a robot learn to flip a pancake? Let’s imagine that there is an robotized armed capable of performing the same moves as a human arm. The hand is holding a frying pan, and the dough is cooked and has the shape …