Digital Transformation and Big Data in Companies

Josep Amoros

d&a blog

During the last International Symposium of Applied Innovation IMAT, held from 28 to 30 June in Valencia, our colleague Josep Amorós, responsible for Commerce360, participated as a speaker with a talk dedicated to Digital Transformation and Big Data in companies, and the organization of the event has interviewed him to know his points of view in this field. You can …

Can People Analytics Transform Management?

Antonio Moneo

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This article is a brief summary of the contents of the course “People Analytics: Transforming Management with Behavioral Data”, led by Ben Waber and Sandy Pentland at the MIT Media Lab in July 24 and 25, 2017. The content of the article is based on their explanation and bibliographic references. Background People Analytics is a discipline of Social Physics that …

Improving the Response Rate of Non-Customer Campaigns with SMOTE Algorithm

Angel Reyes Obispo

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Background Attracting new customers is a challenge for any company, and the response rate to marketing campaigns is usually low among non-customers. Traditional Machine Learning algorithms, such as Logistic Regression, can classify potential customers and predict the result of marketing campaigns, but their predictive accuracy is limited when the data is imbalanced (Chawla, Bowyer, Hall & Kegelmeyer, 2002). Responses to …

The Transformation of a Bank into a Digital Business

Beatriz Alonso

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Last week, The Economist, one of the world’s most respected publications in the economic sphere, has written up an article on BBVA Group, entitled “BBVA, A Spanish Bank, Reinvents itself as a Digital Business”. Throughout the text, describe the initiatives that BBVA, as a global bank, is carrying out to become the bank of the future, and the reasons why …

Personalizing Banking Services with Advanced Data Analytics

Teresa Correas and Jose Antonio Rodriguez Serrano

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In the traditional banking model, data was produced by the customer and processed by data analysts. Customer’s income and expenses were used to understand global trends and design products and services attractive for specific segments. BBVA is leveraging advanced analytics methods and technology to give users full control over their data and help them understand their financial health to make …

It is Not About Deep Learning, But Learning How to Represent

Juan Arévalo

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Recently, we setup a workgroup dedicated to Deep Learning (DL). Workgroups offer opportunities to share internally ideas, concepts, resources, code, etc. Additionally, they are meant to promote the use of Machine Learning at BBVA. I remember vividly how José Antonio Rodríguez, one of the impellers of this workgroup, told us back then: “We should call it the workgroup on representation …

Presentation of Urban Discovery: Our Contribution to an Improved Vision of Big Cities

Beatriz Alonso

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Last September 21st, at BBVA Innovation Center, we presented the results of our last research on territorial analytics: Urban Discovery, a new tool developed together with CARTO, that shows how the analytics of anonymized credit card data can serve to identify functional areas in Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico City, to describe city main dynamics and areas of specialization, and to …

A Cost-Effective and Scalable Collaborative Filtering based Recommender System

Ivan Fernández, César Silgo and Juan Arévalo

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Last 26th of September we had the opportunity to present a collaboration between BBVA Data & Analytics and BEEVA at the Theatre of Partners during the AWS Summit Madrid 2017. In the conference, we presented a cost-effective approach for collaborative filtering based Recommender Systems (RS), that scales to millions of users and a million products. Our implementation made use of …

What we saw at Spark Summit 2017: Spark embraces Deep Learning

Mauricio Ciprian

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Spark Summit 2017, which took place in San Francisco in June, brought together more than 3,000 data scientists, developers and industry experts that participated in more than 170 to discuss recent developments and future trends that will shape the future of the data industry. This is the biggest worldwide event of the Apache Spark community, the technology that has become …

Rediscovering Cities through Credit Card Data (Part 2)

Juan Murillo

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— Results interpretation from an urban perspective Project Background In a previous paper we outlined the methodology, models, and tools used for the analytical and graphical representation of the Urban Discovery project that we developed together with CARTO. In this second part, the focus is on the functionality of the results in order to interpret and improve the administration of …