Talking about inequality with Esteban Moro

Joan Llop and Sefora Garcia

D&A Talks

On April 10 we had the opportunity to learn about “The Atlas of Inequality“ project, which has been developed by the Human Dynamics group of the MIT Media Lab in collaboration with the Mathematics Department from the Universidad Carlos III, based in Madrid (UC3M). One of the main researchers of this project is Esteban Moro, associate lecturer at UC3M and …

RecSys, a Debate on How to Widen our World and Find New Ones

Jairo Mejía

D&A Talks, Data Stories

In BBVA Data & Analytics we believe that the future of technology has to be continually questioned, debated, and has to consider different points of view. With that philosophy, we organized this week an unconventional gathering of artists, public servants, designers and creators to explore the implications of Recommender Systems (RecSys). These Machine Learning algorithms define how our world is …

Presentation of Urban Discovery: Our Contribution to an Improved Vision of Big Cities

Beatriz Alonso

D&A Talks

Last September 21st, at BBVA Innovation Center, we presented the results of our last research on territorial analytics: Urban Discovery, a new tool developed together with CARTO, that shows how the analytics of anonymized credit card data can serve to identify functional areas in Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico City, to describe city main dynamics and areas of specialization, and to …

Scaling Simple Solutions to Complex Data Science Problems

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Serrano

D&A Talks

Admittedly, I always find it difficult to narrowly define the term data scientist in a few words. For instance, the expertise of our data science team is the opposite of narrow with competencies in machine learning, software development, data visualization, design, statistics, economics or social science. What ties us all together is our capacity to solve problems. Additionally, we must …