Accelerating Data Science Workflows

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Serrano and César de Pablo Sánchez

Ways of Working

There are many possible answers to the question “What does a Data Scientist Do?”. But a short one that we especially like is: “Use data to help reduce inefficiencies in products, services or processes”. So we see retail companies employing Data Scientists to try to make shipments more efficient, while in banking we use it to predict the next likely …

Fairness by Design in Machine Learning is Going Mainstream

Jairo Mejía and Roberto Maestre

Vision&Values, Ways of Working

The consideration of fairness in the development of machine learning-based solutions is gaining traction as a key aspect of artificial intelligence and modelling of social behaviours. This week the Harvard Business Review published a story authored by the leading forces behind a health analytics project that is using Deep Learning to detect people who are at risk of cardiovascular disease. The …

Finding a Common Vision: Design Fiction to Establish a Dialogue among Business, Data Science and Design in Finance

César de Pablo Sánchez and Israel Viadest

Ways of Working

We have previously talked about design fiction at BBVA D&A and how it has aligned and eliminated boundaries between data science teams and their stakeholders. We have also seen the potential of advanced analytics when applied to product development in finance. The latter is a must-do in order to foster an effective exploration of data scientists and designers during product development …

Designing Visions for Busy Organizations. Part II

Fabien Girardin and Israel Viadest

Ways of Working

Putting Design Fiction into practice   The banking industry is facing major changes with the digitalization of its core business that impacts the management of risk, trust, identity and decision-making, among other things. As you have seen in Part I of this series of articles. At BBVA Data & Analytics, we spearhead BBVA’s transformation into a data-driven financial group. We …

Designing Visions for Busy Organizations. Part I

Fabien Girardin and Israel Viadest

Ways of Working

Clarify the present with Design Fiction: Shaping and sharing tangible visions for the future   For the last few years at Near Future Laboratory and BBVA Data & Analytics, my teams and I have been focused on clarifying the present and anticipating desirable, feasible, and profitable futures for organizations. Establishing a vision, then investigating that vision through Design Fiction, we …