We believe the knowledge derived from financial data can transform the banking industry, its relation with customers and its role in the world.

BBVA Data & Analytics is a fully-owned subsidiary of BBVA and an integral part of BBVA’s AI Factory.

We are data scientists, technologists, domain experts, strategy practitioners, and visual communicators. BBVA Data & Analytics, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, is a fully-owned subsidiary of BBVA that is now an integral part of BBVA’s AI Factory. As a part of BBVA Group, you will have the opportunity to work on a global scale and having an impact on many of the 31 countries where BBVA operates.

We produce data assets.

Our data assets act as brains of modern digital organizations. For instance, they provide BBVA’s analysts and decision makers with key insights to detect fraud, optimize the work of remote agents to provide better customer service, or help our customers to improve their Financial Health through personalized advice.

We are spearheading BBVA’s global transformation into a data-driven business.

We develop advanced data products both inside and outside the organization, driving the transformation that BBVA is undergoing. The privacy and protection of personal data is our top priority. We surpass the legal requirements of the countries where we operate with our own high security standards in order to assure not only legal compliance, but also an ethical and secure usage of information.

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