We believe the knowledge derived from financial data can transform the banking industry, its relation with customers and its role in the world.

BBVA Data & Analytics is a center of excellence in financial data analysis.

We are data scientists, technologists, domain experts, strategy practitioners, and visual design thinkers. Along with Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) business areas and a network of other leading-edge institutions we transform Big Data into financial intelligence for large institutions as well as smaller companies and individuals that in the past had not access to such advantages.

We produce data engines.

Our data engines act as brains of modern digital organizations. For instance, they provide BBVA analysts and decision makers with key insights that detect if a client is a victim of a fraud, whether their are likely to default, or how BBVA digital marketing teams should personalize new offers. If a city government needs to know when and by what route a parade will produce the most economic benefit, our data engines provide that intelligence; or if a business as small as a café wants to know how demand fluctuates in their immediate neighborhood, our data engines provide that intelligence.

We are spearheading BBVA’s global transformation into a data-driven business.

The privacy and protection of personal data is our top priority. We communicate our best practices to advise regulatory bodies on data innovation. All our work is done in compliance with all data protection laws of the countries where we operate. We surpass these requirements with our own high security standards in order to assure not only legal compliance, but also an ethical and secure usage of information.

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